An architectural achievement


The tranformation of an Adelaide Hills Tiersmens cottage into the magnificent home of Heartwood House is now complete.


Using artisan trades people and locally sourced stone this build is a homage to the history of this region.  Over 150 years on, this home is now on offer as luxurious accommodation.


Thought to be sold and demolished, the Hurren family were keen to purchase the land and restore this piece of early settlement history.  


Built around the time of planning for the town of Stirling, this home has housed many families that have supported the local community. 


From founding members of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows through to school masters and tradesmen.  There is even talk of a moment in time as an unlicensed premises.


Surveyor John Baker, who was appointed as Project Manger comments “An aspect that excited me was the historical elements, which saw me talking with local historians and searching the State Archives for details about its former uses.” 


Through out the build, challenges presented themselves in the form of access to the steep sloped site along with the inclusion of historic dwellings. 


“It called for some imaginative thinking” says Pauline “It was a fluid process involving continuous improvement and refinement to the design, responding to the site and built form”


Shingles, lintels and other items from the original building were restored and reused, while window and door openings were mimicked to create balance. 


Materials were selected to create a cohesive link including locally quarried stone handled by artisan tradespeople using traditional construction techniques. 


Featuring modern conveniences, the rebirth honours the historic past while embracing the needs of today. 


A signature of Pauline’s work, the glass roofed conservatory, meshes together the old and new.


Pauline and her family proudly run an Architectural firm and are well known for their work in stone and historic re-adaption design.


With more than 40 years experience,, the company operates on the premise that every project is tailor made to meet the clients needs.


“We consider and embrace the site location, while maximising views and contemplating the relationship of the proposed building to its surrounds” says Pauline.


Not ready to hand over the luxurious home for sale, the Hurren family have opened Heartwood House as a unique accommodation location set in the picturesque Adelaide Hills.  


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